Our products are all made from selected down and feather of the highest quality, which can last for many years if you treat them correctly. With a few simple maintenance tips, you can help keep your duvet or pillow fresh and clean.



By following these simple tips, you will keep your duvet and pillow like new for many years.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, there is still moisture left in the duvet and pillow. Let them “steam off” before putting on the bedspread.
  2. Turn the duvet at least once a week head-to-toe, and always shake the duvet from different sides, otherwise the filling will move sideways.
  3. Air both duvet and pillow regularly - never vacuum or knock them.
  4. Wash ONLY one duvet (140 × 200 / 220cm) or two pillows at a time. Use washing machine with a capacity of min. 7 kg. Wash on gentle program, with high water level and low drum rotation. Double duvets should be washed in a suitable laundry. The vast majority of our duvets are washable at 60 degrees, however please check individual care instructions for specific details on your product, to avoid damage.
  5. If your duvet or pillow needs stain cleaning, it is best done with a hard-wrung sponge.
  6. Always use a special detergent for down washing WITHOUT enzymes (alternatively you can use a detergent for wool). NEVER use fabric softener. Improper detergent or rinse aid can damage the down.
  7. Tumble dry the duvet or pillow after washing. Choose the most gentle spin.
  8. Duvets and pillows with down and feathers should always be dried in a dryer together with a couple of tennis balls, directly after washing, otherwise the down will clump together and mold may form. Dry at approx. 60 ºC in the dryer. The drying process takes a long time, 3 to 5 hours, depending on the capacity of the tumbler. The duvet and pillow must be completely dry, including the fine down inside. They must not in any way feel damp.



The weight of the duvet or pillow when you have finished the washing and drying process, should be the same or slightly less from the weight you started with. This will ensure that the product is completely dry.